Yoga Etiquette

  1. Arrive 20 minutes before class to register and/or sign in.
  2. Remove your shoes before entering the studio.
  3. Inform your Instructor of any injuries or medical conditions that might affect your practice.
  4. Please refrain from talking in the yoga room. Be attentive to the silence of the room by moving quietly.
  5. No glass bottles. To prevent broken glass incidents.
  6. No cell phones/pagers in the yoga room. Please leave personal belongings in your vehicle. Use the cubby holes to store your items.
  7. Wear appropriate yoga attire such as dri-fit, lycra or spandex material.
  8. Refrain from wearing scented products while taking class.
  9. Be considerate by not practicing when ill.
  10. All practitioners should be in their yoga space before class begins. Late comers may be let in at the discretion of the Instructor.
  11. Come in with an open mind and open heart.

How To Care For Your Yoga Mat

  1. Spray your yoga mat with a solution of vinegar & water. You can add an essential oil such as lavender or eucalyptus for a pleasing scent.
  2. Toss the mat in the washing machine for an easy fix. Wash the yoga mat in the washing machine using cold water with a mild detergent. Rinse off the soap with room temperature or lukewarm water after washing. Pay attention to the washing machine while you wash your yoga mat. Remove the yoga mat before the washing machine starts the spin cycle. Hang dry your yoga mat away from direct sunlight.
  3. If your mat comes with specific cleaning instructions, be sure to follow them.